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Online Public Relations Services Reviews

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Online Public Relations Services Review

Why Use an Online Public Relations Service?

There is very likely an assortment of public relations firms in your city, perhaps even hundreds of them, depending on where you live. The majority will do good work promoting your products and services in a traditional way, even dabbling in online promotions. But more and more potential customers will get their first impression of your business online. An established and skilled online public relations service knows that.

If you want to make a good impression on local or national media outlets you need to encourage journalists and others to click on your site and to find attractive and informative content once they do. You need a concrete plan for responding to what is being said about your business on social networks and in reviews. The right online public relations services can help.

Online Public Relations Services: What to Look For

The best of these firms will be less interested in setting set up a traditional press conference for you or creating hard-copy brochures. What they can do is make sure you put your best virtual foot forward. They have the tools to help you make a good impression on potential customers and media contacts, ensuring that your business name is always associated with quality goods and services. They can help you create excellent content – videos, webpages, blog entries and much more – that offers positive exposure, establishing your company as a leader in your field. We found some excellent options but were especially impressed with Webimax, Jubilant Web and Kirk Communications. For even more information, read our articles about online public relations.

Specifically, we looked for firms that offer the best tools in the following categories:

Online Presence
The best online public relations services use tools like SEO and paid search to get you to the top of results so you get noticed. You want to give a great impression once journalists and potential customers land on your website so we looked for online public relations services that can help you create attractive logos and websites, including those that look great on a mobile phone screen. The best firms also offer help in producing videos about your company, one type of content that can drive traffic to your site. We like the firms that can help you create quality, SEO-optimized content – press releases, case studies, white papers and more – that will drive traffic to your site and inspire coverage of your organization in a positive way.

Media Outreach
We like companies that have specific plans in place for promoting your press releases and other content, online and in traditional ways, to journalists and bloggers. We also prefer they offer some orientation for your staff about dealing with the media so that when you work together to get press coverage of your company it goes well. One good television interview of your company's top executive can boost public perception and drive traffic to your site for years to come. One misstep by one of your executives or a recall on a part can quickly turn into a public relations nightmare chronicled on blogs, social media and beyond so we also looked for PR firms that help you establish a crisis plan for diffusing those situations.

Reputation Management
So much of public relations is about controlling how your company is regarded in general, by journalists and by others. That's never been more complicated than it is now since the public square is largely virtual. You might not know how to respond to consumers' negative reviews of your product or how to use social media to encourage good impressions of your brand, but a good online public relations firm does.

Help & Support
The best companies support you as a customer just like you strive to support your customers. You should be able to contact your online public relations provider with questions about your campaign in a wide range of ways and expect a speedy and courteous response.

In a world where much of your company's exposure to the public is online it makes sense to find ways to make a good impression in that realm. Contracting with a talented online public relations firm can help your company move to the top of search results and look great to the media, potential customers and investors.

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